Earnings Calculation

Your actual earnings is based on a number of factors including:

  • Number of XTZ are delegated to Tezos Community
  • Number of XTZ we hold for bonding
  • Total number of XTZ staked by Tezos
  • Number of times we are selected to bake and endorse -- which is based on the above items, but includes its own randomness which varies from cycle to cycle
  • Transaction fees in the blocks we bake -- which is completely random, but we use the historical average amount of fees per block in our future-looking projections
  • When in the baking cycle you delegate to us and when you stop delegating
  • Gas required to return your earnings to you


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Estimates &


All estimates and projections are made with our best available data -- both historical data and what future rights CDS has been assigned by the blockchain or expect to be assigned. Baking rights, fees, earnings, and the network are all highly variable (see Earnings Calculation section above), which makes estimating and projecting your future earnings very challenging. Variability is the only constant; our projections will undoubtably be either higher or lower than the future reality. Any projection or estimate of a future reward is no guarantee of the amount of that reward nor a guarantee that there will be a reward at all.  

In the event Tezos.Community enters an Over Delegated state (where we do not have sufficient bond to cover the baking fees for all baking rights delegated to us, we currently intend to pay out baking fees on a first come-first served basis.  We reserve the right to change this methodology at any time.

MR. ROBOTO LLC, the holding company for Tezos.Community has the right to change any term of it's delegation service at any time and is not obligated to inform you of that change. 

Community Impact

Your fees help Tezos Community with the following projects:

  • The Tezos Community Forums - the largest Tezos Forums on the web.
  • @tezoscommunity twitter
  • Tezos Today Youtube Channel
  • Support for meetups and events
  • Infrastructure for running the delegation service