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We are the Digital Commonwealth: Where humans work side by side with code to build a better society


What is Tezos?

Tezos is a new type of blockchain.  With Tezos, the rules that govern the the blockchain are managed by the blockchain itself.  With "on-chain" governance, every Tezos holder has the right to vote on the future of the Tezos.  

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Our Community

The Tezos Community is a vibrant voice in the direction of Tezos.  Community members come from around the world, representing diverse interests and philosophies, but stand united in a vision to build a better society.


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Contributors to the Fundraiser

During the Tezos fundraiser period, over 30,000 unique wallets were created.


Countries visit Tezos.cOMMUnity

Visitors from over 180 different countries have contributed to our community through participating at forums.tezos.community.


The Tezos Foundation Endowment

Fundraiser participants made contributions valued today at over $1B dollars fiat.


Our Ecosystem

The success of Tezos is tied to the diversity of the ecosystem of community solutions providers that support the evolution of the protocol.  Without core developers, delegators, app developers and business partners, Tezos can not reach it's potential.



The Tezos developer team includes core developers and a federation of community developer participants.  Core development is led by Tezos founder Arthur Breitman, based in Paris and is supported by dozens of technologists around the world.



Tezos provides a smart contract programming language called Michelson, which is particularly attuned to supporting high-value smart contracts.  Distributed applications that require a high degree of precision and a confidence that the code is bug-free will grow to rely on the robustness of Tezos' contract language.

Staking and Delegation

A central tenant of Tezos is it's distributed proof of stake model.  Tezos coin holders can only participate in the consensus mechanisms by "staking and baking" their tokens.  This can be done by running a node or by delegating baking rights to a delegator.  


Exchanges and Business Partners

Tezos will set the standard for token value through the implementation of on-chain governance protocols supporting high-value smart contracts.  We welcome inquiries from the global business community who want to learn and participate.                       


OLAF CARLSON-WEE, tezos Foundation Board Member

When people participate in a Tezos network, they're accepting that the democratic vote of the other coin holders will govern the way the protocol moves.


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Get started with Tezos by launching a node on the Alphanet, join the community discussion, or watch our Tezos Today videos.


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For those with technology interests, we invite you to join us on the Tezos Alphanet.   

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Our Riot Discussion channel is a free ranging forum of all things Tezos. It's the starting point for engagement.

Tezos Today

Tezos Today is our monthly video series covering the world of Tezos.  You can watch all episodes here.