FAQs about Delegating to Tezos.Community


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What is delegation, and how is it different from baking?

Tezos is a delegated proof of stake blockchain.  That means that stakeholders (XTZ holders) are responsible for running the network and keeping consensus.  This is a great innovation over the older poof of work blockchains, as it dramatically decreases the energy consumption required to manage security, and reduces the risks of having a conflict between the various constituents.

For consensus to happen, the stakeholders have to either bake their XTZs or delegate them to someone else to bake.  Baking is the clever term that Arthur came up with to represent the process of running the Tezos application, keeping the ledger correct, and endorsing the operations performed by other bakers.  

Baking can be rewarding!  The network provides for a reward for those who stake their XTZs.  The reward is estimated to be 5.5% annually, though that is likely to fluctuate significantly, especially early on.

In order to be a baker and get the 5.5% reward, they need to have a minimum of 10,000 XTZ's (1 roll), and the technical ability to run a baker - a computer dedicated to this process.  Its not for the faint of heart, because bakers have to worry about all kinds of nefarious trouble from hackers and other troublemakers.

The good news is that Tezos provides an alternative called Delegation.  Organizations like Tezos.Community have built enterprise scale baking services that take all the risk out of your staking activities.  Regardless of how many Tez you have, you simply "delegate" your baking rights to us, and we return to you most of the rewards that we generate with those rights.  Your XTZs stay safe and snug in your wallet, and you can spend them whenever you want, or move them to another Delegation service anytime without risk.

For most XTZ holders, delegating to Tezos.Community or another trusted delegation service is going to be the most cost effective and safest solution for getting your baking rewards.


Why should I delegate to Tezos.Community?

You have several good choices for delegation services. www.MyTezosBaker.com , tzrate.com and bakendorse.com are all great sites to review baker performance and see your choices. But only one delegation service represents the community efforts that you have come to rely on.  That service is Tezos.Community.

Tezos.Community was the first independent website when it launched in May, 2017, and since then we have had over 300k page views to our forums from thousands of community members from 195 countries.  Our twitter account @tezoscommunity has more than 8k followers and is an important source of Tezos information and updates.  Our Tezos Today video channel has had tens of thousands of views.  And our business lead, Jonas Lamis, has been an early and outspoken contributor to the Tezos ecosystem, and now serves as a member of the board of the Tezos Commons Foundation.

Tezos.Community is a brand you know and can trust, and can be held accountable for the decisions we make.  When you delegate to Tezos.Community the fees that you pay  go to fund our entire operations, which benefits the whole community, not just a simple delegation service.

 Before selecting Tezos.Community as your delegation service, you should read, understand, and agree to the Terms of Service. Please do not delegate to Tezos.Community if you can not agree to these terms.

How do I select Tezos.Community as my delegate?

Your XTZs are stored in a wallet, and you need to designate Tezos.Community as your delegate.  Most wallets have a delegation key feature, where you just need to enter our delegate key:

As of Cycle 27, Tezos.Community is full. We are not accepting new delegators at this time.

We will be posting videos of how to set your delegation key in the available XTZ wallets.


Are my Tezzies safe?

Yes.  As delegator, you are simply assigning your baking rights to Tezos.Community.  You are not giving us your XTZs and are not providing your private keys. 


We automatically send you your rewards every baking cycle - back to the wallet that you  delegated from. If your stake is very small we may hold onto them until you have accumulated 1 XTZ and then we will forward the rewards minus gas costs to your wallet.


How much will I make?

Our current fee is 15%

Over time there will be variability around fees and baking returns.  However, Tezos.Community is committed to providing a fair return and showing how that return was determined in a transparent fashion.

A question that every staker wants to know, and one that has a complex answer.  Your rewards depends on:

  1. The number of XTZs you are delegating

  2. When you delegated in the cycle

  3. When you stopped delegating

  4. What percentage of all XTZs are staking

  5. What bond coverage your delegate has compared to the number XTZs delegated to it. 

Tezos Community provides a dashboard for each public key that has delegated baking rights to us.  That dashboard shows calculations of the factors above so you can have an informed accounting of how much you have made and are projected to make.



When do I get my staking rewards?

Tezos.Community's schedule is to pay out delegation awards every cycle.  So we anticipate a schedule like the following:

  • Cycle 0 - you delegate to Tezos.Community

  • Cycle 7 - The Tezos Blockchain assigns your delegation rights to us and we can start baking for you.

  • Cycle 13 - Rewards for Cycle 7 are received by Tezos.Community and forwarded to your KT 1 account.


What else do I need to know?

We are all pioneers and this has literally never been done before.  So there are bound to be issues with Tezos, so stay positive and helpful.  There is significant risk inherent with new, unproven technology.  But since you are one of the earliest adopters, it’s likely that you understand the risks and opportunities.  #WeAreTezos


Who can I contact for more information?

Customer support can be reached by sending an email to support@tezos.community, or messaging us on twitter @tezoscommunity.



Jonas Lamis