Tezos.Community delegation service is now tezos capital.


Tezos Community was the first independent Tezos website when it launched in May 2017.  Please visit us at www.Tezos.Capital to use our service in the future. Your Delegator Dashboard remains the same, as do all terms and conditions.

Note to all Delegators, your participation in the Tezos.Community / Tezos Capital baking service requires that you review and agree to the terms in our Terms of Service. Please review this document before proceeding with delegation.

Already delegating with Tezos.Community?  Enter your public key to see your XTZ's in the oven:


Here's the deal:  We return 85% of our baking rewards to you.  The other 15% supports Tezos.Community operations, forums, guides and videos.

Check out our Delegation FAQ to learn why this is a fair deal, and all the specifics you need to know.



With an expected total return from baking of 5.5% per year plus additional returns for endorsing and transactions , you can securely delegate your XTZ staking to Tezos Community and receive a return of 85% of all rewards attributed to your stake.  The other 15% is provided to Tezos Community to invest in community activities across the Tezos Commonwealth and to cover our cost of operations.    


Secure Enterprise Scale DElegation

Tezos Community Delegation Service runs on secure, cloud hosted machines with a growing global footprint.  Like other reputable Tezos delegation services, you maintain complete control of your XTZ and your private key.  You simply set Tezos Community as your delegation provider in your wallet settings.  We manage all of the complexity and risk.

On The Tezos Mainnet, our Delegation Address is: 



Voting with your XTZ

Tezos Community will represent the wishes of the community during voting opportunities.  We will regularly poll community members on the direction they want to see Tezos heading, and use those guidelines to inform voting decisions.  When it is feasible, we will impower delegators to vote for their stakes directly.