Community Delegating Status

Stake & Earnings History

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Earnings Calculation

Your actual earnings is based on a number of factors including:

  • Number of XTZ are delegated to Tezos Community
  • Number of XTZ we hold for bonding
  • Total number of XTZ staked
  • Number of times we are selected to bake and endorse
  • Transaction fees in the blocks we bake
  • When in the baking cycle you delegate to us and when you stop delegating
  • Gas required to return your earnings to you

You can use the following formula to estimate current earnings:



These are just estimates. Get your hopes up, but not too high. Legal jargon below.

Community Impact

Your fees help Tezos Community with the following projects:

  • The Tezos Community Forums - the largest Tezos Forums on the web.
  • @tezoscommunity twitter
  • Tezos Today Youtube Channel
  • Support for meetups and events
  • Infrastructure for running the delegation service