Hello and Welcome! Here are a few things you should know about Tezos.Community.

We run a for profit service. Revenue generated from our delegation service pays the bills. It pays a part time salary for Jonas, Lotika and Luke. Not much - but enough to keep us excited and contributing to Tezos.

We are not affiliated with Tezos Foundation, Tezos Commons Foundation, the core Tezos devs, or any other entity that has Tezos in it’s name. Jonas is a volunteer board member at TCF but does not get a salary or other compensation there.

We launched this site and our forums in April 2017, back when there was only a Slack channel and a couple dozen people chatting with Arthur.

We have no intention of changing the name of our delegation service. If you delegated to us because you thought we were somehow Official, please consider delegating elsewhere.
— - Jonas, Luke and Lotika

UPDATE - SEPTEMBER 18 - Tezos.community is currently full. DELEGATIONS MADE WITH new KT1 accounts after CYCLe 26 Will Not Receive Rewards.

Read our statement on Over Delegation.


Welcome to the Tezos Universe

Since launching in the spring of 2017, Tezos.Community has become the largest Community for Tezos information,  discussion and action.



Explore the history and future of Tezos

Combining a highly secure smart-contract language, a delegated proof-of-stake operating model, and on-chain governance for evolving the core protocols, Tezos is the last blockchain that we will ever need. 



The forums have answers to all kinds of questions

The Tezos Community Forums have comments and conversations from over 5000 participants and 195 countries.  Ask a question, share your wisdom.  Make some friends!



Tezos Community is your Delegation Service

Tezzies are more than just another token.  With Tezos' unique baking model, all XTZ holders can participate in the consensus mechanisms that keep our chain functioning, and can receive rewards for helping out.